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::: 意見回饋機制 Grievance Procedure

提交意見回饋時,請提供您的聯繫資訊,以便我們能與您聯繫,進一步了解相關資訊並追蹤後 續事宜(如規劃改善方案、告知改善方案執行進度等)。若您希望匿名,請在提交意見回饋時 說明,並告知您希望被稱呼的方式,同時您亦可提供聯繫資訊,並選擇透過電話、電子郵件或 信函等方式接收我們的回覆。


If you have any feedback regarding the environmental and social activities of the Hai Long 2 and Hai Long 3 Offshore Wind Project, you can submit your feedback through the following ways:

When submitting feedback, please provide your contact information together with your feedback so our colleagues could reach out to you for any clarifications on information and follow ups (e.g. propose a potential solution to you, inform you the process of solution implementation). If you want to be anonymous, please express it when submitting the feedback and provide how you wish us to call you instead. The responses to anonymous feedback can be requested either by phone, email or letter, if contact details are provided. Grievance Procedure

All the feedback Hai Long received will be documented. The communication process and outcomes will be reviewed periodically to help drive the continual improvement of Hai Long.